We recently added a new personalization process to our shop.  Using a high pressure blast of air and special sand, we carefully etch into our products leaving a beautiful etching.  This etching is permanent and in most cases, you can feel the the etching on the glass.  Our etched glass items are dishwasher and microwave safe.  We can also etch our marble and some wood gifts too!

With this new process we are able to personalize even more for you!  We can etch the bottom of glasses, the base of stemware, handles of the mugs....all of those unique places we couldn't engrave before.

Get Frosted or Smoked

With this system, we are also able to create these frosted look on our glass products and our smoked look on our black marble gift items.  On our Frosted Glasses, we reverse the personalization and lightly etch the rest of the material leaving the personalization untouched.  This process leaves a smoked look on the black marble items.