PictureIt Creations is going GREEN!

Posted by Taryn McCracken on 30th Dec 2019

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to the maintenance of this earth. Everyone needs to take care of our planet and businesses should be no different. We are committed to making the necessary changes to reduce waste and help our environment. So, how does this affect our business?


Nothing! Customers will not see a change in quality or availability of products. Your personalized gifts will remain beautifully engraved, personalized and handled as they always have been.


We are adopting a new, paperless way of doing business. Gone are the days where we print orders, invoices, etc. and throw them away after products have shipped. All operations will be handled digitally from now on.


We are no longer sending packing slips or shippers with our items. Since, all of your invoices and order correspondence are sent via email, we don’t see the need to include all of this same information on a piece of paper inside the package. If you have any concern for your order, please feel free to contact us and we can search your orders by name, address and order number to rectify the situation.

We may also re-use boxes we receive from our suppliers to ship your items to you. Although, we take great care in shipping your timeless keepsakes, there is no need sturdy boxes should only be used once. Effective and clean packing peanuts and bubble wrap have always been re-used for our shipping.  But we are now including unmarked and usable boxes as well. We encourage our customers to do the same while shipping items to loved ones, moving or donate to other businesses that could use them too! 

We understand that re-usable packaging is not always appropriate and we respect our customer's preferences too!  So, we have provided an option to you at the bottom of every product listing. You can check the box requesting we do not reuse boxes for your order and your it will be sent with brand new boxes. 

We want to thank you for your patience while we make this new transition and we definitely want to hear your feedback!  Please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions.